• Oliver von Wersch

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IAB Europe in cooperation with vonwerschpartner Digital Strategies would like to gain your support for conducting a case study regarding publisher ́s use of data in advertising.

Experts expect that if adopted as originally proposed by the European Commission, the ePrivacy Regulation would cause a structural decline in the digital advertising market, with contractions up to 49%. The industry remains gravely concerned about the prospect of adopting the proposal in its current form, especially given the limited progress on the file in the course of EU institutional discussions. Thus, there is a need to continue providing tangible examples of the fact that obstructing the collection and use of data in digital advertising would have serious and unintended consequences for the EU economy, for Europe’s independent media, and for the accessibility of the internet itself.

The goal of the study is to shed light on the foreseeable changes in data-based advertising (programmatic, and all other forms) and macroeconomic effects on the European digital advertising business to be expected due to the ePrivacy Regulation.

We need your expertise to show the significance of data for publishers to sustain ad business models in order to support existing research findings, as well as refuting programmatic-averse statements of critics. Within expert interviews (or optionally an on-site workshop), involving data, technology, and product experts from your company with Oliver von Wersch, CEO vonwerschpartner Digital Strategies, we would like to learn about your business related to the use of data, especially in targeted advertising, behavioral data, and programmatic.