What we do

We think big, and work lean.
In our projects we support you with our strategic knowledge, and operative excellence. We are focused on creating results, rather than on project overhead.

Our areas of activity include...

  • product strategies: we help transforming innovation into business through finding the best product decisions. No matter if you want to reinvent your brand in digital, or improve your mobile solutions. 

  • monetisation strategies: we understand where the revenue sources are, and how digital advertising works. No matter if you are reviewing your adtech setup, or think about a native advertising strategy. 

  • data strategies: we analyse data potential, and assist you in finding the smartest approach. No matter if you are worried about data regulation policies, or subscription processes.

  • competitive strategies: we predict how the digital landscape changes, and how the global digital platforms could be handled. No matter if you just want to increase your social media reach, or review your entire distributed content strategy.


In our projects, we leverage an extensive network of experts in all digital areas, such as product management, tech, legal, business development, and innovation/ concept. – Feel free to challenge us.